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February 4, 2014

Yep, we tracted during the Superbowl!!!!!!!!

WELCOME TO AQUIA! (uh-kwi-uh) I have been transferred to a new area and I have a new companion! I felt it coming. It was hard to leave Gainesville, but it was time. I was becoming too comfortable and a little idle. Neal A. Maxwell said, "The holy ghost will comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." I think I shared that with you before, but I love it and often need a reminder.
Sister Kramer and me
My companion is Sister Kraemer. She just got out of the MTC 4 days ago! Haha! So I am training her AND we are whitewashing in the city of Stafford, the Ward is called Aquia. Whitewashing means that my companion and I are the new sisters in the ward. Usually, one missionary will stay and a new one will come in. That way at least one companion knows the area, investigators and ward, but this time it is all new. And let me tell you. It is all NEW! I love it, but it is very hard. I love the ward. They are all so welcoming and stoked about missionary work. The ward is a LOT smaller than Gainesville. I am now in the city of Stafford. We are finding people who are interested here. So far, the people here are quite nice. We have a lot more military families here. We are working hard to understand the area. I love my companion. She is a sweetheart from Ogden Utah. I'm excited to work with her.
I feel very blessed. Although everything is overwhelming me, I can feel the Lord calming my heart. Someone once said, "God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called." I am street contacting a lot more people. I don't feel so judged by my companion as I have in the past. My companion is so new to everything that it is overwhelming her, but she recognizes that and is trying her best to find the strength to move forward. I love her a lot.
I am so glad to be in this new area. I am so glad for new investigators, potential investigators, ward members, apartment and companion.
There was a "linger longer"/"break the fast" last night after church, so we got to meet some more members.

And yes, yesterday, we did tract during the superbowl. haha! It was pretty funny some of the responses we got, "You know you are tracting during the superbowl right?" I'd say, "Yep. What's the score?!" Not out of any curiosity of my own, but so they could calm down and know we are human, but we are servants of the Lord. We did get a good potential investigator out of it. My last companion did not like to tract, and it feels so good to be tracting again. That is just part of missionary work. I don't love it, but I know it reaps blessings.
Since we both just got here, we have no idea where anything it is. We have had some funny experiences so far. For example, the first night we got here, we tried to get into the wrong apartment! haha! The key didn't work and then the handle started twisting and a lady called from within and said, "Who's there?" We were so embarrassed but said, "The missionaries!" She opened the door and talked with us. She is so sweet and formally introduced herself as a Christian. :)
Oh dear...
Another funny thing, we were left in the apartment with ONE roll of toilet paper. okay... ha! So we had to ask a brother from the ward if it was okay that we took a roll of toilet paper from the church.
Haha! We only shop one day a week ya know? Unless it is a dire emergency, but here we were able to get something settled.

This week I learned that we can truly be forgiven for any mistake ever made. An investigator asked, "Can you really be forgiven if you murder someone?" My response, "Yes. Christ's Atonement truly is THAT powerful! And God KNOWS the intent of our heart. He will know if we deserve forgiveness no matter how grievous the sin." He was so shocked. I know the Atonement had to be done. There had to be an infinite and intimate sacrifice for all. It is very much on an individual level. The Atonement is real. I have felt it cleanse me and I have felt it enable me. According to the bible dictionary, the word grace does 3 things: cleanse/heal, enable, and exalt. I know these things are true, for the Lord God hath spoken it! :)

-Sister Zibetti

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