Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 8, 2013

Sorry I don't have much time at all today. We went to Mt. Vernon where George Washington lived and to Alexandria, a masonic temple is there. It was fun and interesting.
I know that Christ is the ultimate physician and can heal any pain and sorrow. Go to Him. 

One of my favorite things from General Conference was something Elder Scott said: The greatest blessing we can give to the world is a Christ-centered home.
I am so glad that I was raised in a Christ-centered home. Because of this I am on a mission serving the Lord and God's children.

Gotta go
-Sister Zibetti

April 1, 2013

This week has been a week of miracles. There were many times where we had so many options on what to do. There were choices and we were able to zero in on the Spirit without even knowing that between the decisions of "good, better and best", we chose the best. The confirmation of the truth, came forth after we had the faith. For example. Yesterday, we were invited to come to a members home to celebrate their son-in-law's birthday. He is not a member. He is married to a less active sister. The second day Sister Kraemer and I were here in Aquia, we had a first lesson with him. We taught about the Book of Mormon. He was realllly struggling at that time. There had been an incident at home and he was waiting to hear from the court/judge whether or not he'd still be able to live with his wife and son. I could see the imprint of guilt and shame engraven on his face 2 months ago. He was in the depths of despair. This was the first time he really sat down and wanted to listen to the missionaries. In a time of crisis.  Since then, he has been going to church with his wife and learning here and there from the missionaries in Pittsburgh where he lives. Yesterday, I could see the huge difference in this man. The gospel of Jesus Christ truly does lift burdens, erase feelings of guilt and calms the troubled heart. He had become a "new creature in Christ" as the scriptures say: Therefore if any man be ain Christhe is a bnew creature: cold things are dpassed away; behold, all things are become enew. 2 Corinthians 5:17
He is not baptized yet, but he will get there. Anyway, we were able to share a message about eternal families, which they all needed to hear.
We almost didn't go to the home because we wanted to try and accomplish our weekly goals for the key indicators, and we knew that we wouldn't accomplish them if we went over there. But we did and the Spirit confirmed to us that is was the best choice. 

In any situation, we have the opportunity to choose: good, better, or best. It is similar to the 3 degrees of glory. Let me explain that. At any given time, we have the opportunity to make a Telestial, Terrestrial, or Celestial choice. We are the author of our future. Let us be more mindful of the choices we make. Do they reflect a Telestial body or a Celestial body? Is a decision going to lead us to truth, light and knowledge? Or not? Think about it.

Another miracle from yesterday alone, an investigator came to church who we have been working with for like 2 months! It was her first time there, on Easter Sunday. She loved it. She had to sneak out of her house though. She didn't tell her husband. He doesn't really like us all that much. He doesn't even like to see us at his house when we go teach. BUT! This work will not be stopped from progressing. No, not by anyone. Not an annoyed husband, nor a legion of Satan's demons. This is the work of God in which we are involved and we as His missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ are on the front lines of the battle. Bring it on.

I love J and M. They are so fantastic. We are meeting with them tonight, but we have been able to keep daily contact with them. Yay! 
P is so hot and cold. She is off and on in the gospel. She promised us she'd come to Easter Sunday and she did not show up. We tried calling her like a million times yesterday before church. We don't know what is going on. I don't think she understands our role as missionaries. We are not just friends to hang out, we are representatives of the Lord who teach the gospel. We explained to her that her father (who was a preacher) never had the authority that he thought he did. That might've hit her in the heart. But the truth hurts sometimes, it cuts to the very center.

-Sister Zibetti
My last district

Eating MREs

March 25, 2013

What was the first word in the first vision? Do you remember? "Joseph". That's right. God knows us all by name and has an irremovable love for us. It is unconditional.

Mom!! Hi! You are amazing. I want you to know that. There is nothing you can't do. Thank you for choosing the right. Thank you for following the spirit. Thank you for joining the one and only true church on the earth! Thank you for loving the Book of Mormon. All of these decisions you have made have blessed my life eternally! Can you believe that? ETERNALLY! My companion's mom was also Catholic and converted to the LDS church. Cool huh?!

J and M are awesome. They went out of town this weekend. It feels like forever since I have seen them! As missionaries, we are supposed to have daily contact with our investigators. It is so hard! A phone call or a text or a visit every day! Just to help them remember their commitments or to read the Book of Mormon. Plus a lesson within the week. It is a lot, but it is important. Do you want to know why? Because Satan never stops. He has daily contact. So our influence for good must be brought to their attention. 
We haven't explained that to them yet, but we will.

S is one of our investigators. She is one of those who is sometimes referred to as: an eternal investigator, or an eternagator. :) She has been married to a member for years and has had the missionary discussions numerous times. She even had a date to be baptized! But she is "just not ready." she says. Which is understandable. It is her decision when she feels it is right. Her entire family is not supportive. But S is incredible

Oh P. Love her. She is crazy. The other night she asked one of our members, who we brought to meet her, if they could get some men over there to baptize her son A. (I'm thinking: hello...that's what we are here for. Investigators have to go through us...Anyone over the age of 8 must be taught by missionaries to join the church...) Then we asked her if she'd be baptized. "Re-baptized?" she asked. We explained authority again. She just doesn't get it. We went over the baptismal interview questions. She agreed with them all except Joseph Smith. If people cannot accept him as a prophet. They cannot accept the keystone of our religion; the Book of Mormon. If they can't accept that, they cannot accept a modern-day prophet. Just a small issue. :) We love P and her son A. She has some word of wisdom issues too. It will be a very slow progression with her. But this gospel is true and everyone needs it.

What do you remember about your baptism?

I'm glad you got the picture of us. :) This ward is so incredible. We are doing a 40-Day Fast. You know how the Lord fasted for 40 days? We are going to do that with the ward. Today my companion and I are fasting. Yesterday our Ward Mission Leader fasted. Tomorrow it will be another family. So on and so forth, for 40 days. 24hour fast. It will never cease. The focus of the fast is on missionary work. At the end of the 40 days, and throughout, the doors will start to open for us to teach. New revelation will be brought forth. People don't have to necessarily fast from food, they can fast from something that would be a sacrifice for them for 24 hours. It is such a cool concept. Ya'll should think about it in your ward.

Something President Riggs has asked us to do with the members is: choose 14 families and ask them a specific question each week. Take only 10-15min to do this. The question is "Have you received any revelation on how we as the full-time missionaries can be of better service to you, your family, your friends or your neighbors? How can we assist you in your missionary efforts?" They respond. Usually they don't have anything, or they ask for service at their house. Which is great and totally fine! Then we ask them to pray for revelation this week. We are here to support the members. It is not the other way around although some people might think so. We are at their beckon call. I hope you are all praying for missionary opportunities and then taking them when they arise. I also hope you are praying for revelation on how the full-time missionaries can help. I remember at home, I rarely saw the missionaries. I wish I made it more of a priority to help them in their missionary efforts, now that I am on the other side haha!

I know Jesus Christ walked this earth over 2000 years ago. I don't know how He did it, but He walked in my shoes. He has felt every pain, misdeed, sorrow and joy that I have ever felt. It was my sins which nailed him to the cross, and His love for me which motivated Him. I know that the tomb is empty. The Savior rose on the 3rd day. This is one of my most favorite times of year because I can remember Him. 

I love you all
-Sister Zibetti

March 18, 2013

Things with our investigators are going well, but we had a slow week this week with only 3 lessons. We did meet again with J and M! I love them! We are going to see them today. We taught them more about the Book of Mormon and then they started asking us so many questions about what do we believe about heaven and hell. Their questions are leading right into the next lesson! The Plan of Salvation! It is amazing how the spirit works. Sister Kraemer and I have been working on the "How to begin teaching" method from PMG. At the beginning of the first lesson with someone, the following are some ideas to use of what to say:
  • Because God is our Heavenly Father, we are all brothers and sisters. We would like to refer to you as brothers and sisters.
  • Each person we teach has personal challenges and concerns. No matter what your needs or concerns might be, the Savior and His teachings—the gospel—will help you.
  • Our message will enable you to improve the quality of your lives. It will help you deal with the problems and challenges that we all face in life.
  • Our message, which is centered in Jesus Christ, is of great value and importance.
  • We all make mistakes in life, and these mistakes create feelings of guilt and shame. These feelings cannot be relieved without repentance and forgiveness. They can be fully healed through the Atonement of Christ.
  • Our message cannot be learned all at once. Understanding will come over time through prayer, study, experience, and keeping God’s commandments.
  • We have weaknesses, as everyone does. We may not speak the language very well or be able to answer every question you have. But we have been called by a prophet of God to share what we know. We know that our message is true.
  • We will be guides so that you can learn the truth of our message for yourselves. It is your choice to accept and act on the message. Therefore, you should feel free to ask questions.
  • As you sincerely seek to understand our message, you may face challenges, but God will help you.
  • As you accept our message, you will learn how to make covenants, or promises, with God. You will learn how to make changes to bring your lives in closer harmony with His teachings. You will want to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and be baptized by proper authority
We are also trying to practice switching off teaching every 30 seconds. That is how to keep the investigator involved. Teach, testify and ask questions. That is a great method of teaching.
We have not met with the investigator who dropped us last week. She is so great. We are going to wait until one of her good family friends comes to visit her husband. This friend has a lot of influence on her husband, so the friend may help open his eyes to learning more. I'll probably be gone by then. It makes me so sad! I don't want to leave this mission! It is so hard to leave people you love. 

By the way, we as missionaries can now email our friends, not just our family. Pretty cool huh?

President Riggs is the most amazing man I've ever met. He is so loving and so bold and so full of the Spirit. He came to our District Meeting. A district only has a few missionary companionships within it, so it is not a common occurrence for the President to show up! We were so excited. And my district leader, who is so awesome and very humble, asked me on the spot to share my testimony! ha. Good thing we missionaries are always prepared....:) Anyway, to President we are like his family, so he loves spending time with the missionaries. We are his investigators. He shared a story. The other day he was going out to lunch with some missionaries and he beat a man to a parking spot just before him. When he got out, he went up to the man who had to park elsewhere and said in a joking tone, putting his hand on his shoulder, "If you had been living more righteously, you would've had that parking spot!" What?! Wow! Haha! It was so great. They continued to talk and he offered to pay for the man's lunch. This was just a great example of missionary work today. It is sometimes spontaneous. It is natural. It is applying things to the current situation. It is bold. It is loving. It is the Savior's way.

Here is something I have been thinking about this week that I think can help anyone.

Take your frustrations and deep concerns--even if the concerns are not your own, but become your own--to the Lord. Christ says in Matthew 11:28-29, "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." It has taken me a long time to understand this scripture, and I still have not grasped the full concept, but here is what I have learned. 
I was confused as to HOW Christ's burden would be light and His yoke easy. He bore all of the sorrows and sins of each could His burden be light!? What?! But I know that it is because as we take upon us His yoke, we are doing hard things together. A yoke distributes the weight equally between the two pulling and pushing. It is like the saying, "Many hands make light work". The Savior will compensate for what we cannot do, and give us the strength we need.
Teach people that repentance is a beautiful blessing. Not a condemning consequence. There is a song that I have loved as I've heard it out on my mission. Some of the lyrics say, "You can fly. Wrap your mistakes in a cocoon and emerge a butterfly."
Alma. Yes. He did not feel exquisite joy until he remembered that his dad had told him about a Savior, even Jesus Christ. Pretty amazing huh? Now the question is, how do we apply the Atonement?
I think by loving others as Christ loves us and doing our best to live like He lived. Learn about Him, pray, read scriptures, renew our covenants during the Sacrament. Very simple but important things. 

I've got to go!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

March 11, 2013

You described a youth activity, it sounds like the MTC and companion study. Every day we practice teach something. We practice the restoration, or a baptismal invite or what we will be teaching that day. The way you practice is the way you end up teaching. It is the same with any sport. We practice the skills over and over again so that under pressure we may remember and act well. 

Here is a miracle that happened this week. 
On Saturday night, one of our investigators, P, said she was too busy to come to church. We explained that if she were to put the Lord first, she would be blessed in all other aspects of her life, even temporally. She had mentioned previously that her phone charger was missing, so my inspired companion Sister Kraemer said, "In two minutes if we can find your phone charger, will you come to church with us tomorrow?" She nodded. I prayed so hard as I crawled on my hands and knees looking under, around and through everything. We found it! P  started getting her church clothes ready for the next day. As we had promised, if she put the Lord first, even with this small commitment to come to church, she would be blessed temporally; the Lord was bound and she was blessed. That scripture in D&C 82:10 is true. "I the Lord am bound when you do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."

One of our investigators basically dropped us this week. She said she is happy with the church in which she is. She hasn't even come to our church yet! She's never been able to come. She was going to come yesterday but dropped us right before church. We decided we needed to go over there and talk to her about this decision. This is eternal salvation! It was really hard and very emotional. It was ripping my heart out. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and it is her husband that is holding her back. He is very close-minded. ahh! We will not stop trying though.

This week we found 2 new investigators. We had an AWESOME first lesson with them last night. J and her roommate M. They are both Christian. After we explained the Book of Mormon to them, M asked, "Why haven't I ever heard about this before?!" haha. Well, it is time.

-Sister Zibetti

March 4, 2013

This week has been great, and interesting. We had a dinner with the C family and she told us about her neighbor who she invited earlier in the week to come. She told us to go check on him to see if he'd like to join. He recently lost his wife, and he was left with his 18 month old son. As we were walking over there, I heard down the street a child screaming and some other noise from children. I heard them speculating on how "it" happened. The kids were standing around him just yelling at him to "get up" and that he was "fine". He was crying and screaming for help. I couldn't bear the sound. I had to go over there and just see if I could help in some small way, also to see if it was an emergency. We walked over and the kids around the boy started walking away and into the house nearby. One girl was still there and the boy on the ground asked her to get his sister to come outside from the house. I asked the girl what happened and some of the kids heard me, so they explained that he fell and probably twisted his knee. He had a little scrape on his knee that was bleeding a tad. It didn't look bad, but he could not move his knee because it would hurt to do so.
He stayed in the same position the whole time we were there. In the middle of the street I got down so I could look at his face and talk to him. "What's your name my friend?" "B." "What happened?" "I fell on the rocks. We were playing basketball" "Can you move it at all?" He tried to raise his leg but flinched away in pain. He had tears and drool running down his dark face. His sister came out and asked him what happened. She was probably 16. She tried to call her mom who was not home. Ben was still crying and clenching his fists. He looked like one of those professional soccer players when they get hurt and really exaggerate it...but he wasn't exaggerating. I couldn't bear to see him like this. I told his sister that it might be a good idea to call an ambulance if her mom doesn't answer. The sister agreed and phoned them. She wiped off the tears from his face. 
As I sat by him I asked, "B, do you know who Jesus Christ is?" He nodded. "Jesus Christ is your Savior and he has felt everything that you are feeling right now. He knows the pain and I want you to rely on that okay? Remember that now." He nodded and held his fists tighter. I took my jacket off and put it under his elbow where he was leaning into the asphalt so he could have a cushion. I stared at his knee and called down the powers and virtue of heaven to heal his knee. I know I don't have the Priesthood, but I know it is real, and any thing that we obtain in this life is due to the power/Priesthood of God. I know that faith has the power to move mountains. So I prayed in faith that he could be healed and that he could feel better. After that he was much calmer. He wasn't screaming anymore. 
We heard sirens and the ambulance arrived. A man got out and assessed the situation. I asked B for my jacket back and the EMT took control of the matter at hand; asking him his name and what happened. Sister Kraemer and I left. 
I don't know what happened after that, but I saw the ambulance drive away without the siren on, which could possibly mean that Ben did not have to go to the hospital, and I hope that is the case because an ambulance is expensive. 
That was my cool experience from this week.
I hope you are all happy! I love you!
-Sister Zibetti

February 25, 2013

Hello Family!
It has finally arrived! Time for Trevor to go! This is gonna be fantastic. His talk and the song sound like they were amazing! Thanks for letting me be a part of it, but it is all in God's hands. It is all of His miraculous doings.
This week we invited some people to be baptized. One said she had never thought about it before. She was really shocked when we asked her. 
The other one said she had already been baptized in the Catholic religion. But she understood that it should be done by the Priesthood to be baptized. By that authority which John the Baptist had to baptize the Savior of the world. She was impressed that we perform baptisms in the exact same way in which the Christ was baptized, by full immersion. Her family is not really supporting her in her studying with us. Her husband doesn't want her to come to church, but he said that we could study with them and that they as a family will read the scriptures more. 
Do you guys still read and pray as a family every day? Does it bring peace into your life? It helps me as a missionary to know that my family kneels in prayer for me. I know that prayer works. God answers us because of His infinite love. 
This week we were checking on some old potential investigators in the area book. As we were checking on one, a man came out of his little trailer for a home. We told him we were looking for a girl. He told us that she doesn't live here anymore, but that we could check with her grandparents in the house down the street. We started talking to this man. He told us that his home burned down in 2011. He had let a man use his home and this man set it on fire, for he was an arsonist. C, the man we were talking to, had just finished his mortgage too. Now he has paid for the little trailer out-of-pocket. He has great faith and has looked for the positive things in life. We skimmed over the first lesson with him and gave him the Book of Mormon to read. He seemed very interested and said he'd read it! I really hope he does. We will go visit him again. C said that he use to live by a great LDS family. A Polynesian family of 10. Their example brought him closer to the church. Never forget what impact a good example can have. Just think of the Savior's impact. His perfect example has led millions to know truth and peace.
I know the Lord is looking out for me when he sends me someone who will just listen. 
We have an AMAZING new Ward Mission Leader. Brother Marshall! He is on fire. He is a convert to the church and just wants to get all of this rolling. He is going to have to with the announcement made with so many new missions opening up in the world! Ahhh! So exciting. I only have a short time left in Aquia. I am pretty sure that I will be staying here until Nauvoo. 
Also this week, the missionaries in my district put on a music fireside about the Savior. It was beautiful. We had enough musical talent within the district that we were able to pull something together for our investigators and members could enjoy. It was wonderful. Many people told us how much they loved the production. My favorite song was Prayer of the Children. It was so wonderfully done and the Spirit was so strong. It felt like this song was the only peace in the world. 
We do service at a place called S.E.R.V.E. We just put food in boxes; food with all nutrients which an individual or family would need. These families can come once a month to get a box for free from here. I love doing service like this. The people who work here are so Christian! I love em. I just wish they had all of the correct doctrine. 
Well, I love everything out here. I truly desire for souls to come unto Christ through baptism. I am praying to see that opportunity happen. 
Family! I love you! The church of Jesus Christ is on the earth once more. There are no variations from now verses when Christ was here. Everyone on earth chose the plan of salvation/happiness before birth. We as members are here to share this unique message with the world. Every member of the church is on a mission. We all bear Christ's name as baptized and confirmed members. "Be thou an example of the believers, in word in deed." 1 Tim. ? 

-Sister Zibetti

February 19, 2013

The Lord is blessing our family so much. Can you see it? Can you feel it? I can. This work is true. This gospel is one of love. God is love. 
With it being Valentine's Day this past week, we visited some singles ladies in the ward and talked about the love of God and Christ. It was great. 
We went to the Temple yesterday! It was so great. I love the DC Temple. I definitely miss that spirit from the Lord's house. 
Well things over here are getting more inspired. A lot more planning. Each week we are supposed to ask 14 member families a specific question from president Riggs. "Have you received any revelation on how we, as the full missionaries can be of better service to you, your family, friends or neighbors?" We are not just asking for referrals, we are asking our members who we can serve and how?! Miracles come because of it. We are teaching this wonderful lady L. I love her so much. We asked her to read part of a chapter in the BoM and she read the whole thing and liked it! She struggles reading because of a head injury from the service. She has two sweet children. I love them too. Her husband is not so keen on us yet, but he hasn't met us yet. We shall see. She was going to come to church, but the babysitter didn't show up! grrr.
A young man, D, an investigator came to church and he liked it! He said he'd come again! He is 19. 
I have not been so great at baptismal invites. Inviting people to be baptized. I have been working on it this week. It is a bold thing, but that is part of my purpose, and I need to be better at it. 
We are going to work harder and more efficiently. Sometimes we are all over the place and at the end of the day I feel like we haven't accomplished much. So we need to be more efficient. We are trying. 
A little girl from Gainesville who I taught got baptized on Saturday! We got permission to attend. We were late by like 10min and I missed the baptism itself, but got to see her confirmed. She gasped with excitement when she saw I was there. :) It made me so happy. Also, there was a little boy who was getting baptized that same day. His mom is Deaf and I had signed with her a few times. She is so great. I asked her if she wanted me to interpret for her son receiving the gift of the holy ghost. She was so grateful. It is interesting to interpret for a priesthood blessing. It is very powerful. My hands did things I didn't even know I remembered or could do. I know the Priesthood is REAL. That is how we can be sealed as families forever. It is that powerful. Baptism is the first step, and all of the people that surround us can one day be sealed to us as an eternal family. 
I best be off.
-Sister Zibetti

February 11, 2013

Oh my goodness! TREVOR YOU ARE GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to be such a great and humble missionary. I can't wait to see your life unfold. Dude, I mean soon to be Elder Zibetti, keep a journal every day that you can. It will help you see your progress as a missionary and as a representative of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. As you represent Him, you are SAVING lives. It is amazing. Even if it is just a friendly smile. A Christ-like smile is your best accessory. Represent Him well for this short time. He loves you unconditionally and so deeply. Spend time with the family as much as you can.

Things are great here in the Washington DC South side of the world. We met the sweetest lady from Jamaica! She is divorced and has one son. They live in a ONE room apartment. Literally. Their home is the size of our home's living room. There is a small bathroom. She is one of our investigators whom we hadn't met yet. We came in and asked if we could do her dishes as she was making dinner for her son and a friend. She gave me the strangest look after I asked. She didn't answer for a minute, just stared at me. I couldn't tell if she was shocked, surprised or appalled. Turns out, she was shocked and after we washed her dishes was grateful. She wanted to know more about Joseph Smiff, as she calls him, :) and the Book of Mormon. She is very simple and needs to learn in a very simple way. I don't think she understands that there is a simple and pure doctrine out there with all of the truth. She church hops. We have to repeat ourselves a lot and move slow. But she is so humble and amazing that it will work. She gave us a cup full of fruit and told us to come over for dinner the next day and said, "Don't be keepin' my cup. You bring it back!". She is such a sweetheart and wanted us to come back with the cup. She has NOTHING and is giving us anything she can. So kind. We are meeting with them again tonight. Her son said, "I think I'll stick with this religion". WHAT?! I love it. I am praying for her and doing everything I can to help them taste the sweet blessings of making covenants with God through baptism.

We are also meeting with E. Interesting story here. Her brother, is a recent convert of last year. He just left on his mission to Brazil this week and he gave us E's number to call her. We did and she didn't answer, but she called us after her brother was gone. She and her brother are very close and she wanted to know what he was getting himself into, and what religion this was. There truly are still people out there that think we worship Joseph Smith, and think the Book of Mormon is written by him, some think we have horns, they think we can't drink pop or wear makeup and that we have to do everything our husbands and fathers command. Yikes. People need the truth. Anyway, E is so cute. We are teaching her in a round-about way by saying, "This is what your brother believes and what he will be teaching." She is okay with that for now. She says what we teach makes sense. It is hard for her to grasp the concept of 12 Apostles today. She doesn't feel familiar with that. Which is understandable. But things are going well.

We went tracting this week and I met a witch! Can you believe it? We introduced ourselves and she said, "Oh that's nice, but I'm a 'wicken'." I said, "What is that?" I seriously had no idea. "I'm a witch." I said, "Oh coool!" She was shocked and stuttered on her speech, "Th-that is not the reaction I expe-pected. I don't believe in Christ. I thought you would be appalled by that." "Well, what do you believe in?" "I believe in the elements and as you do good, good is done unto you." "We believe a similar thing." I could tell she was not interested but pleased with our reaction. Sister Kraemer is awesome and handed her a card and said, "Well, we also do service, so if you ever need anything, we are here to serve." It was an interesting convo. 

I have interviews with President this week. I love President Riggs. He is amazing. Even though I am not originally from this mission, he still claims me as "his own". It will be one of the hardest things on my mission to leave DC south. My other President said to me before I left, "You better come back to Nauvoo." I promised that I would, but it is going to be so hard to leave this place.

I love you all.

An investigator told me a quote this week, "A family who prays together, stays together." and I thought of my own family. I am so glad we did that. And dad, thank you for holding the Priesthood worthily all these years. I think that is one of the most powerful things on this earth except love and the Atonement.

-Sister Zibetti

Friday, April 12, 2013

February 4, 2014

Yep, we tracted during the Superbowl!!!!!!!!

WELCOME TO AQUIA! (uh-kwi-uh) I have been transferred to a new area and I have a new companion! I felt it coming. It was hard to leave Gainesville, but it was time. I was becoming too comfortable and a little idle. Neal A. Maxwell said, "The holy ghost will comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." I think I shared that with you before, but I love it and often need a reminder.
Sister Kramer and me
My companion is Sister Kraemer. She just got out of the MTC 4 days ago! Haha! So I am training her AND we are whitewashing in the city of Stafford, the Ward is called Aquia. Whitewashing means that my companion and I are the new sisters in the ward. Usually, one missionary will stay and a new one will come in. That way at least one companion knows the area, investigators and ward, but this time it is all new. And let me tell you. It is all NEW! I love it, but it is very hard. I love the ward. They are all so welcoming and stoked about missionary work. The ward is a LOT smaller than Gainesville. I am now in the city of Stafford. We are finding people who are interested here. So far, the people here are quite nice. We have a lot more military families here. We are working hard to understand the area. I love my companion. She is a sweetheart from Ogden Utah. I'm excited to work with her.
I feel very blessed. Although everything is overwhelming me, I can feel the Lord calming my heart. Someone once said, "God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called." I am street contacting a lot more people. I don't feel so judged by my companion as I have in the past. My companion is so new to everything that it is overwhelming her, but she recognizes that and is trying her best to find the strength to move forward. I love her a lot.
I am so glad to be in this new area. I am so glad for new investigators, potential investigators, ward members, apartment and companion.
There was a "linger longer"/"break the fast" last night after church, so we got to meet some more members.

And yes, yesterday, we did tract during the superbowl. haha! It was pretty funny some of the responses we got, "You know you are tracting during the superbowl right?" I'd say, "Yep. What's the score?!" Not out of any curiosity of my own, but so they could calm down and know we are human, but we are servants of the Lord. We did get a good potential investigator out of it. My last companion did not like to tract, and it feels so good to be tracting again. That is just part of missionary work. I don't love it, but I know it reaps blessings.
Since we both just got here, we have no idea where anything it is. We have had some funny experiences so far. For example, the first night we got here, we tried to get into the wrong apartment! haha! The key didn't work and then the handle started twisting and a lady called from within and said, "Who's there?" We were so embarrassed but said, "The missionaries!" She opened the door and talked with us. She is so sweet and formally introduced herself as a Christian. :)
Oh dear...
Another funny thing, we were left in the apartment with ONE roll of toilet paper. okay... ha! So we had to ask a brother from the ward if it was okay that we took a roll of toilet paper from the church.
Haha! We only shop one day a week ya know? Unless it is a dire emergency, but here we were able to get something settled.

This week I learned that we can truly be forgiven for any mistake ever made. An investigator asked, "Can you really be forgiven if you murder someone?" My response, "Yes. Christ's Atonement truly is THAT powerful! And God KNOWS the intent of our heart. He will know if we deserve forgiveness no matter how grievous the sin." He was so shocked. I know the Atonement had to be done. There had to be an infinite and intimate sacrifice for all. It is very much on an individual level. The Atonement is real. I have felt it cleanse me and I have felt it enable me. According to the bible dictionary, the word grace does 3 things: cleanse/heal, enable, and exalt. I know these things are true, for the Lord God hath spoken it! :)

-Sister Zibetti

January 28, 2013

That father that I talked about last time, let's call him Mr. O, and his family are great and busy. They came up with our ward to the Temple for a youth baptism trip! Can you believe it? It was a miracle that they came and we were able to go and get a ride with a member.
We have like 70 youth in our ward. Crazy big group. Not all of them came, maybe like 50. But! Mr. O and his kids got to go to the Visitor's Center with my companion and I to look around and learn! They asked so many questions about the Temple. "When can I go inside?" haha! We explained it all to them. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and got Mr. O a Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith Pamphlet in his native language. They didn't come to church though. :( We need to meet with them more. But I am excited for them. I love this family so much.
We don't have anymore new investigators this week.
Wow! What a miracle that Dad experienced. I am so grateful and proud to know that dad follows the Spirit. That is so reassuring as a missionary.

Okay! So! We had a missionary departing fireside last night. This happens every 6 weeks when missionaries are leaving the mission to go home, we have a meeting and they bear their testimonies. The spirit is ALWAYS so thick in that room. Powerful testimonies are shared. President has been threatening to stop the firesides because missionaries stay too long and get home late because they have to travel home after. But for now, we are doing okay. Anyway! We invited our investigators and 2 of them came! Sister Anderson, myself and Sister Smith and Sister Borland all performed a song together for the fireside. "Come Thou Fount". Different arrangement than from the MTC that I sang. It was so great. :) We were all nervous but so grateful to be there. I'm so grateful our investigators came!

President talked about how when we are making some decisions in the church, especially for those who are investigating and deciding to be baptized or not, sometimes we must set aside all logic and reason, and just go with feelings. How does is FEEL!? What does your heart tell you? President Riggs shared a story about how a lawyer friend of his asked Pres. if he wanted to merge their firms a couple years ago. Logically, it didn't make sense to President, but he prayed about it and it felt right. So he agreed. Because of this, his daughter married the other lawyers son. AND, President Riggs was able to leave his firm in good hands when he got the phone call from Elder Bednar and President Uchtdorf to become a mission president a few short years later. If he hadn't listened to the Spirit, and how he felt, President would not have been in a prepared state to take over the DC South mission and influence allllll of us! What a blessing. I know that S, one of our investigators, needed to hear that testimony and witness from a powerful servant of the Lord.
I also got to interpret at the fireside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaya! My first time for a Deaf person here in DC South! :) I was so happy. And the people watching said I was very clear and they understood everything I signed. I know that God helped me be a vessel of the Spirit to convey the message to someone who could not hear. It literally was just coming out of my hands. I had not interpreted for such a long time! It felt so good. I wish I could teach a Deaf Investigator!

Transfers are this week! AH! I'm not sure what to think or do! I have been here for the whole time in the outbound. We shall see. I don't want to leave these people, I love them so much. But I want to be wherever the Lord needs me to be. I never want to feel or be stagnant or complacent. I think switching things up might be good, but I'll miss Gainesville if I leave.

-Sister Zibetti

January 21, 2013

I had a mini party with some missionaries and then a wonderful family in the ward, had us over for dinner yesterday for my bday. They made my favorite meal! Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and brownies with ice cream. They gave me presents too. Sister L sewed my companion and I skirts! She is so sweet and so close to the Spirit. I couldn't've asked for a better weekend.

President Riggs called me and sang Happy Bday to me on my bday! Isn't he amazing?! I love this mission.
We found 3 new investigators! A father and two kids. We knocked his door and he said, "Teach me and my kids about Jesus Christ." ...uhhhhh, pardon me?!!! No way! He asked us to pray for him. We came back a couple of days later and taught him and his family about the gospel of Jesus Christ: faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost and enduring. It was wonderful. The Lord really will place people in our path that are ready to receive the gospel! It actually happens. We will see what happens with this. As we taught, I was explaining to his daughter the spirit. I asked her, "How do you feel right now?" "Happy." "That is the spirit." The father had many questions like: is Jesus black or white? What is God like? Have you had any experiences where he has shown his power? Where do we go after we die? Was it Joseph Smith who saw God?
Ten years ago, the father of the family had a dream where Christ was at the top of a bunch of steps. He himself climbed the long journey to Christ and when he arrived Christ said, "Not yet." I asked him if he felt like now was to time to come to Christ. He said, "maybe".
This is the perfect time to give them the truth they all need.

-Sister Zibetti

January 14, 2013

This week has been an interesting one! We had a Zone Conference, which is with President and Sister Riggs, the Assistants, Zone Leaders and another Zone. We also had Zone Training, which is with just our Zone Leaders and the Centreville Zone in which I serve. We had a lot of time in meetings and not much with our investigators. People cancel, get sick or go out of town. I hate feeling unproductive!
One of the sister missionaries here has really been struggling. Two days ago she started packing her bags. She was done and ready to go home. She has 6 months left on her mission. She said she knows it is all true. She knows God is there and believes in Jesus Christ as her Savior. But she said she is not willing to make the changes God is asking her to make. Something about forgiving and forgetting a long ago family issue. She wants to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it.
My companion and I went to her house on both Friday and Saturday for many hours. We asked her inspired questions, testified boldly as to why she needs to stay a complete her mission. The Mission President was busy, so the Assistants came out. We all did this for quite a while. Many times the sister would not respond. She had taken her nametag off and was wearing pants. She was so not herself. It was like Satan had entered her heart and was trying to take over. I had never seen her like this before. The natural man was winning and she knew it and didn't care. She was accepting damnation. I asked her, "Why, with your agency, would you choose not to have agency any longer? That's what damnation is. Your knowledge and ability to choose is limited." Many other things were shared and many scriptures given. The Savior will help us with our burdens. One of the Assistants shared with her 
Mosiah 24:14 "And I will also ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand as witnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions."
 This is one of my favorite scriptures. Her companion said, "I need you. I need you here. The people need you." Her mission is not complete for another 6 months. She has signed up for the Lord's Army and she cannot abandon post and I refuse to let her! I know it is something she will only live to regret. After a long time, we finally broke the intensity with some laughter and jokes. She actually smiled and laughed with us. She joked about how she couldn't fit in her pants anymore anyway. haha. It was good to see her change and be herself. She said for now she is staying. We went and got some dinner. She will be meeting with President today. I hope and pray that she will stay.
That was a big part of my week; helping her. It is emotionally draining when that much of your love is given to someone else. I don't understand how the Savior did that all the time. Our deepest wounds he can heal with his own. When that much of you is sapped out, you must replenish it. I replenish by reading the scriptures and thinking of Holy things.

-Sister Zibetti