Sunday, April 14, 2013

February 11, 2013

Oh my goodness! TREVOR YOU ARE GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to be such a great and humble missionary. I can't wait to see your life unfold. Dude, I mean soon to be Elder Zibetti, keep a journal every day that you can. It will help you see your progress as a missionary and as a representative of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. As you represent Him, you are SAVING lives. It is amazing. Even if it is just a friendly smile. A Christ-like smile is your best accessory. Represent Him well for this short time. He loves you unconditionally and so deeply. Spend time with the family as much as you can.

Things are great here in the Washington DC South side of the world. We met the sweetest lady from Jamaica! She is divorced and has one son. They live in a ONE room apartment. Literally. Their home is the size of our home's living room. There is a small bathroom. She is one of our investigators whom we hadn't met yet. We came in and asked if we could do her dishes as she was making dinner for her son and a friend. She gave me the strangest look after I asked. She didn't answer for a minute, just stared at me. I couldn't tell if she was shocked, surprised or appalled. Turns out, she was shocked and after we washed her dishes was grateful. She wanted to know more about Joseph Smiff, as she calls him, :) and the Book of Mormon. She is very simple and needs to learn in a very simple way. I don't think she understands that there is a simple and pure doctrine out there with all of the truth. She church hops. We have to repeat ourselves a lot and move slow. But she is so humble and amazing that it will work. She gave us a cup full of fruit and told us to come over for dinner the next day and said, "Don't be keepin' my cup. You bring it back!". She is such a sweetheart and wanted us to come back with the cup. She has NOTHING and is giving us anything she can. So kind. We are meeting with them again tonight. Her son said, "I think I'll stick with this religion". WHAT?! I love it. I am praying for her and doing everything I can to help them taste the sweet blessings of making covenants with God through baptism.

We are also meeting with E. Interesting story here. Her brother, is a recent convert of last year. He just left on his mission to Brazil this week and he gave us E's number to call her. We did and she didn't answer, but she called us after her brother was gone. She and her brother are very close and she wanted to know what he was getting himself into, and what religion this was. There truly are still people out there that think we worship Joseph Smith, and think the Book of Mormon is written by him, some think we have horns, they think we can't drink pop or wear makeup and that we have to do everything our husbands and fathers command. Yikes. People need the truth. Anyway, E is so cute. We are teaching her in a round-about way by saying, "This is what your brother believes and what he will be teaching." She is okay with that for now. She says what we teach makes sense. It is hard for her to grasp the concept of 12 Apostles today. She doesn't feel familiar with that. Which is understandable. But things are going well.

We went tracting this week and I met a witch! Can you believe it? We introduced ourselves and she said, "Oh that's nice, but I'm a 'wicken'." I said, "What is that?" I seriously had no idea. "I'm a witch." I said, "Oh coool!" She was shocked and stuttered on her speech, "Th-that is not the reaction I expe-pected. I don't believe in Christ. I thought you would be appalled by that." "Well, what do you believe in?" "I believe in the elements and as you do good, good is done unto you." "We believe a similar thing." I could tell she was not interested but pleased with our reaction. Sister Kraemer is awesome and handed her a card and said, "Well, we also do service, so if you ever need anything, we are here to serve." It was an interesting convo. 

I have interviews with President this week. I love President Riggs. He is amazing. Even though I am not originally from this mission, he still claims me as "his own". It will be one of the hardest things on my mission to leave DC south. My other President said to me before I left, "You better come back to Nauvoo." I promised that I would, but it is going to be so hard to leave this place.

I love you all.

An investigator told me a quote this week, "A family who prays together, stays together." and I thought of my own family. I am so glad we did that. And dad, thank you for holding the Priesthood worthily all these years. I think that is one of the most powerful things on this earth except love and the Atonement.

-Sister Zibetti

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