Sunday, April 14, 2013

February 19, 2013

The Lord is blessing our family so much. Can you see it? Can you feel it? I can. This work is true. This gospel is one of love. God is love. 
With it being Valentine's Day this past week, we visited some singles ladies in the ward and talked about the love of God and Christ. It was great. 
We went to the Temple yesterday! It was so great. I love the DC Temple. I definitely miss that spirit from the Lord's house. 
Well things over here are getting more inspired. A lot more planning. Each week we are supposed to ask 14 member families a specific question from president Riggs. "Have you received any revelation on how we, as the full missionaries can be of better service to you, your family, friends or neighbors?" We are not just asking for referrals, we are asking our members who we can serve and how?! Miracles come because of it. We are teaching this wonderful lady L. I love her so much. We asked her to read part of a chapter in the BoM and she read the whole thing and liked it! She struggles reading because of a head injury from the service. She has two sweet children. I love them too. Her husband is not so keen on us yet, but he hasn't met us yet. We shall see. She was going to come to church, but the babysitter didn't show up! grrr.
A young man, D, an investigator came to church and he liked it! He said he'd come again! He is 19. 
I have not been so great at baptismal invites. Inviting people to be baptized. I have been working on it this week. It is a bold thing, but that is part of my purpose, and I need to be better at it. 
We are going to work harder and more efficiently. Sometimes we are all over the place and at the end of the day I feel like we haven't accomplished much. So we need to be more efficient. We are trying. 
A little girl from Gainesville who I taught got baptized on Saturday! We got permission to attend. We were late by like 10min and I missed the baptism itself, but got to see her confirmed. She gasped with excitement when she saw I was there. :) It made me so happy. Also, there was a little boy who was getting baptized that same day. His mom is Deaf and I had signed with her a few times. She is so great. I asked her if she wanted me to interpret for her son receiving the gift of the holy ghost. She was so grateful. It is interesting to interpret for a priesthood blessing. It is very powerful. My hands did things I didn't even know I remembered or could do. I know the Priesthood is REAL. That is how we can be sealed as families forever. It is that powerful. Baptism is the first step, and all of the people that surround us can one day be sealed to us as an eternal family. 
I best be off.
-Sister Zibetti

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