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February 25, 2013

Hello Family!
It has finally arrived! Time for Trevor to go! This is gonna be fantastic. His talk and the song sound like they were amazing! Thanks for letting me be a part of it, but it is all in God's hands. It is all of His miraculous doings.
This week we invited some people to be baptized. One said she had never thought about it before. She was really shocked when we asked her. 
The other one said she had already been baptized in the Catholic religion. But she understood that it should be done by the Priesthood to be baptized. By that authority which John the Baptist had to baptize the Savior of the world. She was impressed that we perform baptisms in the exact same way in which the Christ was baptized, by full immersion. Her family is not really supporting her in her studying with us. Her husband doesn't want her to come to church, but he said that we could study with them and that they as a family will read the scriptures more. 
Do you guys still read and pray as a family every day? Does it bring peace into your life? It helps me as a missionary to know that my family kneels in prayer for me. I know that prayer works. God answers us because of His infinite love. 
This week we were checking on some old potential investigators in the area book. As we were checking on one, a man came out of his little trailer for a home. We told him we were looking for a girl. He told us that she doesn't live here anymore, but that we could check with her grandparents in the house down the street. We started talking to this man. He told us that his home burned down in 2011. He had let a man use his home and this man set it on fire, for he was an arsonist. C, the man we were talking to, had just finished his mortgage too. Now he has paid for the little trailer out-of-pocket. He has great faith and has looked for the positive things in life. We skimmed over the first lesson with him and gave him the Book of Mormon to read. He seemed very interested and said he'd read it! I really hope he does. We will go visit him again. C said that he use to live by a great LDS family. A Polynesian family of 10. Their example brought him closer to the church. Never forget what impact a good example can have. Just think of the Savior's impact. His perfect example has led millions to know truth and peace.
I know the Lord is looking out for me when he sends me someone who will just listen. 
We have an AMAZING new Ward Mission Leader. Brother Marshall! He is on fire. He is a convert to the church and just wants to get all of this rolling. He is going to have to with the announcement made with so many new missions opening up in the world! Ahhh! So exciting. I only have a short time left in Aquia. I am pretty sure that I will be staying here until Nauvoo. 
Also this week, the missionaries in my district put on a music fireside about the Savior. It was beautiful. We had enough musical talent within the district that we were able to pull something together for our investigators and members could enjoy. It was wonderful. Many people told us how much they loved the production. My favorite song was Prayer of the Children. It was so wonderfully done and the Spirit was so strong. It felt like this song was the only peace in the world. 
We do service at a place called S.E.R.V.E. We just put food in boxes; food with all nutrients which an individual or family would need. These families can come once a month to get a box for free from here. I love doing service like this. The people who work here are so Christian! I love em. I just wish they had all of the correct doctrine. 
Well, I love everything out here. I truly desire for souls to come unto Christ through baptism. I am praying to see that opportunity happen. 
Family! I love you! The church of Jesus Christ is on the earth once more. There are no variations from now verses when Christ was here. Everyone on earth chose the plan of salvation/happiness before birth. We as members are here to share this unique message with the world. Every member of the church is on a mission. We all bear Christ's name as baptized and confirmed members. "Be thou an example of the believers, in word in deed." 1 Tim. ? 

-Sister Zibetti

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