Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 1, 2013

This week has been a week of miracles. There were many times where we had so many options on what to do. There were choices and we were able to zero in on the Spirit without even knowing that between the decisions of "good, better and best", we chose the best. The confirmation of the truth, came forth after we had the faith. For example. Yesterday, we were invited to come to a members home to celebrate their son-in-law's birthday. He is not a member. He is married to a less active sister. The second day Sister Kraemer and I were here in Aquia, we had a first lesson with him. We taught about the Book of Mormon. He was realllly struggling at that time. There had been an incident at home and he was waiting to hear from the court/judge whether or not he'd still be able to live with his wife and son. I could see the imprint of guilt and shame engraven on his face 2 months ago. He was in the depths of despair. This was the first time he really sat down and wanted to listen to the missionaries. In a time of crisis.  Since then, he has been going to church with his wife and learning here and there from the missionaries in Pittsburgh where he lives. Yesterday, I could see the huge difference in this man. The gospel of Jesus Christ truly does lift burdens, erase feelings of guilt and calms the troubled heart. He had become a "new creature in Christ" as the scriptures say: Therefore if any man be ain Christhe is a bnew creature: cold things are dpassed away; behold, all things are become enew. 2 Corinthians 5:17
He is not baptized yet, but he will get there. Anyway, we were able to share a message about eternal families, which they all needed to hear.
We almost didn't go to the home because we wanted to try and accomplish our weekly goals for the key indicators, and we knew that we wouldn't accomplish them if we went over there. But we did and the Spirit confirmed to us that is was the best choice. 

In any situation, we have the opportunity to choose: good, better, or best. It is similar to the 3 degrees of glory. Let me explain that. At any given time, we have the opportunity to make a Telestial, Terrestrial, or Celestial choice. We are the author of our future. Let us be more mindful of the choices we make. Do they reflect a Telestial body or a Celestial body? Is a decision going to lead us to truth, light and knowledge? Or not? Think about it.

Another miracle from yesterday alone, an investigator came to church who we have been working with for like 2 months! It was her first time there, on Easter Sunday. She loved it. She had to sneak out of her house though. She didn't tell her husband. He doesn't really like us all that much. He doesn't even like to see us at his house when we go teach. BUT! This work will not be stopped from progressing. No, not by anyone. Not an annoyed husband, nor a legion of Satan's demons. This is the work of God in which we are involved and we as His missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ are on the front lines of the battle. Bring it on.

I love J and M. They are so fantastic. We are meeting with them tonight, but we have been able to keep daily contact with them. Yay! 
P is so hot and cold. She is off and on in the gospel. She promised us she'd come to Easter Sunday and she did not show up. We tried calling her like a million times yesterday before church. We don't know what is going on. I don't think she understands our role as missionaries. We are not just friends to hang out, we are representatives of the Lord who teach the gospel. We explained to her that her father (who was a preacher) never had the authority that he thought he did. That might've hit her in the heart. But the truth hurts sometimes, it cuts to the very center.

-Sister Zibetti
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