Sunday, April 21, 2013

March 25, 2013

What was the first word in the first vision? Do you remember? "Joseph". That's right. God knows us all by name and has an irremovable love for us. It is unconditional.

Mom!! Hi! You are amazing. I want you to know that. There is nothing you can't do. Thank you for choosing the right. Thank you for following the spirit. Thank you for joining the one and only true church on the earth! Thank you for loving the Book of Mormon. All of these decisions you have made have blessed my life eternally! Can you believe that? ETERNALLY! My companion's mom was also Catholic and converted to the LDS church. Cool huh?!

J and M are awesome. They went out of town this weekend. It feels like forever since I have seen them! As missionaries, we are supposed to have daily contact with our investigators. It is so hard! A phone call or a text or a visit every day! Just to help them remember their commitments or to read the Book of Mormon. Plus a lesson within the week. It is a lot, but it is important. Do you want to know why? Because Satan never stops. He has daily contact. So our influence for good must be brought to their attention. 
We haven't explained that to them yet, but we will.

S is one of our investigators. She is one of those who is sometimes referred to as: an eternal investigator, or an eternagator. :) She has been married to a member for years and has had the missionary discussions numerous times. She even had a date to be baptized! But she is "just not ready." she says. Which is understandable. It is her decision when she feels it is right. Her entire family is not supportive. But S is incredible

Oh P. Love her. She is crazy. The other night she asked one of our members, who we brought to meet her, if they could get some men over there to baptize her son A. (I'm thinking: hello...that's what we are here for. Investigators have to go through us...Anyone over the age of 8 must be taught by missionaries to join the church...) Then we asked her if she'd be baptized. "Re-baptized?" she asked. We explained authority again. She just doesn't get it. We went over the baptismal interview questions. She agreed with them all except Joseph Smith. If people cannot accept him as a prophet. They cannot accept the keystone of our religion; the Book of Mormon. If they can't accept that, they cannot accept a modern-day prophet. Just a small issue. :) We love P and her son A. She has some word of wisdom issues too. It will be a very slow progression with her. But this gospel is true and everyone needs it.

What do you remember about your baptism?

I'm glad you got the picture of us. :) This ward is so incredible. We are doing a 40-Day Fast. You know how the Lord fasted for 40 days? We are going to do that with the ward. Today my companion and I are fasting. Yesterday our Ward Mission Leader fasted. Tomorrow it will be another family. So on and so forth, for 40 days. 24hour fast. It will never cease. The focus of the fast is on missionary work. At the end of the 40 days, and throughout, the doors will start to open for us to teach. New revelation will be brought forth. People don't have to necessarily fast from food, they can fast from something that would be a sacrifice for them for 24 hours. It is such a cool concept. Ya'll should think about it in your ward.

Something President Riggs has asked us to do with the members is: choose 14 families and ask them a specific question each week. Take only 10-15min to do this. The question is "Have you received any revelation on how we as the full-time missionaries can be of better service to you, your family, your friends or your neighbors? How can we assist you in your missionary efforts?" They respond. Usually they don't have anything, or they ask for service at their house. Which is great and totally fine! Then we ask them to pray for revelation this week. We are here to support the members. It is not the other way around although some people might think so. We are at their beckon call. I hope you are all praying for missionary opportunities and then taking them when they arise. I also hope you are praying for revelation on how the full-time missionaries can help. I remember at home, I rarely saw the missionaries. I wish I made it more of a priority to help them in their missionary efforts, now that I am on the other side haha!

I know Jesus Christ walked this earth over 2000 years ago. I don't know how He did it, but He walked in my shoes. He has felt every pain, misdeed, sorrow and joy that I have ever felt. It was my sins which nailed him to the cross, and His love for me which motivated Him. I know that the tomb is empty. The Savior rose on the 3rd day. This is one of my most favorite times of year because I can remember Him. 

I love you all
-Sister Zibetti

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