Sunday, April 14, 2013

March 4, 2013

This week has been great, and interesting. We had a dinner with the C family and she told us about her neighbor who she invited earlier in the week to come. She told us to go check on him to see if he'd like to join. He recently lost his wife, and he was left with his 18 month old son. As we were walking over there, I heard down the street a child screaming and some other noise from children. I heard them speculating on how "it" happened. The kids were standing around him just yelling at him to "get up" and that he was "fine". He was crying and screaming for help. I couldn't bear the sound. I had to go over there and just see if I could help in some small way, also to see if it was an emergency. We walked over and the kids around the boy started walking away and into the house nearby. One girl was still there and the boy on the ground asked her to get his sister to come outside from the house. I asked the girl what happened and some of the kids heard me, so they explained that he fell and probably twisted his knee. He had a little scrape on his knee that was bleeding a tad. It didn't look bad, but he could not move his knee because it would hurt to do so.
He stayed in the same position the whole time we were there. In the middle of the street I got down so I could look at his face and talk to him. "What's your name my friend?" "B." "What happened?" "I fell on the rocks. We were playing basketball" "Can you move it at all?" He tried to raise his leg but flinched away in pain. He had tears and drool running down his dark face. His sister came out and asked him what happened. She was probably 16. She tried to call her mom who was not home. Ben was still crying and clenching his fists. He looked like one of those professional soccer players when they get hurt and really exaggerate it...but he wasn't exaggerating. I couldn't bear to see him like this. I told his sister that it might be a good idea to call an ambulance if her mom doesn't answer. The sister agreed and phoned them. She wiped off the tears from his face. 
As I sat by him I asked, "B, do you know who Jesus Christ is?" He nodded. "Jesus Christ is your Savior and he has felt everything that you are feeling right now. He knows the pain and I want you to rely on that okay? Remember that now." He nodded and held his fists tighter. I took my jacket off and put it under his elbow where he was leaning into the asphalt so he could have a cushion. I stared at his knee and called down the powers and virtue of heaven to heal his knee. I know I don't have the Priesthood, but I know it is real, and any thing that we obtain in this life is due to the power/Priesthood of God. I know that faith has the power to move mountains. So I prayed in faith that he could be healed and that he could feel better. After that he was much calmer. He wasn't screaming anymore. 
We heard sirens and the ambulance arrived. A man got out and assessed the situation. I asked B for my jacket back and the EMT took control of the matter at hand; asking him his name and what happened. Sister Kraemer and I left. 
I don't know what happened after that, but I saw the ambulance drive away without the siren on, which could possibly mean that Ben did not have to go to the hospital, and I hope that is the case because an ambulance is expensive. 
That was my cool experience from this week.
I hope you are all happy! I love you!
-Sister Zibetti

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