Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BLOG for 23 May 2012

This week I was assigned to Wilford Woodruff! He is incredible. 4th Prophet of this latter-day dispensation. I love reading and telling his stories. He was an avid journal writer, so we have a lot of the happenings of Nauvoo and Salt Lake because of his journal writing. I need to be better at writing. I am about a week behind, but in my planner I write key notes to add to my journal later.
President Woodruff was baptized in the freezing winter, outside in a lake. There was three feet of snow on the ground but he said, "I did not feel the cold." I love that strength about him.
In Sacrament we had about 400 people I think on Sunday. Most all missionaries. It's great to go to a ward where you know that basically everyone is a current temple recommend holder.
We do sign the sacrament prayers. We have a book from the MTC that teaches it so it is exactly correct. I haven't learned them yet, but I am excited to get that memorized. 
Well, I'll tell ya two of my favorite things that happened yesterday. I was serving with a senior sister (Sister Grygla--she is amazing!--) in the Wilford Woodruff home and not many people were coming by. We decided to take a little walk near the house. The house was still in view so we could see if anyone came. We found a grave headstone for Janetta Richards, the wife of Willard Richards. (Willard Richards was in Carthage when Joseph and Hyrum were shot and killed) The headstone was a bit dirty and Sister Grygla said, "Why don't we clean it off. Do you want to?" "Oh yes!" So we got some water and rags and cleaned. It felt so good to be doing service, bending and moving instead of sitting and waiting. She is a service oriented woman. She has fed us Young Sisters a nice home cooked meal a couple of times. She says whenever she misses her grandkids, she decides to serve.
Susan Easton Black, an amazing history professor at BYU, is the person who verifies all of the facts that we share in our tours here in Nauvoo. She came this morning and gave a devotional. She knows SO much church history and LOVES Nauvoo. She has a home here somewhere. She is amazing. Mom, I suggest taking a class from her for Education week if she does that.

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  1. Hello Sister Zibetti - It's me Patricia Glenn...We met in April 2012, 10 days after you started your mission...I miss you...and your smiling face. Thanks for giving me the address and I want to see this updated. You are doing a fantastic job and at a great sacrifice. You are a wonderful missionary and you have a strong testimony of the Gospel. Never, never be afraid to share what you know to be true.
    Please keep this updated as this is a great missionary tool.
    God be with you until we meet again. A letter is forthcoming...