Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BLOG for 10 May 2012

This week I worked in the Lucy Mack Smith home again, the Tinshop, the Lyon Drug and Variety Store and got to go to Carthage! We do rotations so everyone has a chance. It was a BUSY week. Learning and memorizing parts of the history so I could teach people who came in. Not just be a tour guide, but TEACH, since I am a missionary. My favorite thing this week was testifying and having sincere people listen and accept the different commitments I extended.
YES!!!! I got the package! It was wonderful and perfect and happiness! I loved that hug idea. genius. 
Yaya! T is working for bro G! T, you would like it here in Nauvoo. The saints had to make EVERYTHING. I worked in the Tinshop and got to describe and teach how a tinsmith would make a pan. Pretty awesome. I think you'd like it. And you'd probably be like, "here Sister Zibetti, let me show you how to explain it better." haha. What wood work do you get to do with Bro. Graham?
Some updates of Nauvoo. It has been busy. Learning a new site every day for 3 days in a row was pretty intense. One of my favorite places to serve this week was in the Lyon Drug and Variety store. Why you may ask? Well, Windsor Lyon was an apothecary, or modern-day language, a pharmicist, he grew his own herb garden here in Nauvoo, dried the ingredients and made his own medicine to help those in need of a cure. But his 3 children all died before the age of 3. He couldn't heal his own children and that must've been a trial for him. He knew he had to turn to his Savior to be healed of those wounds. When he brought his last daughter's lifeless body to the Prophet Joseph Smith while he was preaching in a grove near the unfinished Temple, Joseph changed his talk topic and spoke on the 'salvation of children'. He said that some are too lovely and too pure to live here long. But we shall soon see them again. 
Joseph was a prophet of God who followed the spirit and helped comfort Windsor Lyon and his wife Sylvia.
When we come to the prophet, we find comfort and peace. BECAUSE he represents the Savior and his church.
My other favorite part of this historical site is using the analogy that Christ is the master physician and people come to him with a variety of problems, sins, weaknesses, struggles and pain, and he can relate to and resolve all. I know that is his role as our Savior, your Savior. His mercy is always extended.

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