Friday, September 14, 2012

BLOG for May 31, 2012

Yes, my first tour that day in Carthage was with Nathan Hokanson and his wife Amy. They are amazing. It was so good to see someone I kinda know. They are way nice, he is nice just like Lex. Carthage is special. In the martyrdom room, while the 4 min tape is playing, I always pray to have the Spirit inspire me to know what I need to say at its conclusion and pray that I can address the visitor's concerns. I hope I said something they needed to hear to help their lives improve.
Heather Miller said that you've got a lot of family names! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry too much. They will get done eventually. Don't stress too much. There is a song that I've heard numerous times in the car here on the way to and from sites and the VC. It is talking about Emma Smith and one of the lines says: "You seemed to weather every storm with a queen's grace." It reminds me of you. You have so many things to do and you have always done and completed everything in an organized manner and with poise and grace mom. Thanks for that example. What a marvelous work we get to be a part of with these names of our family!
Yesterday, an entire family who was Deaf came!!! I was so stoked! i was in the Post Office giving tours in Old Nauvoo. I gave them a tour, then they wanted us (Sis. Cooper and I) to interpret for them at other sites they were going to. So we did!! It was amazing, and I couldn't've been happier. Finally, I got to use the language I was called to use. I interpreted at the Brickyard. I was surprised at how well I was able to keep up and make clear the strange words like: vitirification. Heavenly Father REALLY does help anyone who asks. The Spirit would take over and did guide my hands. The family was very grateful.
Well, I best be off. All is well in the Kingdom!
Sister Zibetti

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