Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BLOG for 23 April 2012

This morning my companions and I ran to the old Pioneer Cemetery. (When I say "ran", I mean I like died jogging, but it was good) The cemetery was calm and kinda beautiful in it's own way. There were these two huge trees that arced naturally over the entrance. There was a little memorial with all the names of those who died in Nauvoo or crossing the plains. The headstones were so old and were of people who died in the 1850's and such. It is really a historic place.
One of my companions and I get to have an hour of language study a day. We get to see the script (actually it is called an outline now. Because these things are not to be memorized, but used as an outline with our testimonies of Christ or of a gospel principle woven throughout) of some of the plays and the pageant that will show during July. That way we can practice the songs and get a feel for concepts that we need to convey.

Yes! I loved the ride around Nauvoo. There is a wagon ride and a carriage ride. The Wagon takes you around old Nauvoo and you learn more of where and how people lived. The carriage ride is more inspirational and takes you up through the trees and the tour guide tells spiritual stories of the saints. They are both great.
I get to testify of truths everyday. The way we live reflects Christ's life as much as possible; going about doing good. We have people come into the visitor's center who came for a reason, and it is my job to find their concern and apply the gospel to them. Nothing is coincidence. Even though Nauvoo is a place of history for the church, we as missionaries testify of the same gospel truths that define our religion. These truths are what kept the saints moving forward: God is our loving Heavenly Father and we are his children. He desires for us to return and live with him again. Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and atoned for our sins. Joseph Smith really saw those two beings and was called to RESTORE the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and bears witness of Jesus Christ. We have a living prophet today who is the mouthpeice for God, (Thomas S. Monson).

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