Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BLOG for 21 March 2012

I have a Devotional every Tuesday and Sunday night. We don't ever know who is coming until the hour of! It makes it more intense that way. Guess who we had last night?! Elder Oaks and his wonderful wife. The talked of the importance of the Spirit. We must carry the message of the gospel to the investigators, but it is there choice or responsibility to accept it. He discussed the importance of the Sacrament. He said every member of the church should have the Sacrament prayers memorized, not just the Priests. So I need to get on that. He said that if a person was baptized at the age of 8, and is now 19 or older (missionary age), he or she has heard the Sacrament prayers over 500 times!! Why shouldn't we have it memorized!
Mom and Dad, you'll never believe it! The once in a lifetime opportunity has come again, but this time as a missionary. I've been going to choir here and there and recently we filled out a form that asked about our singing ability and experience. I, along with my companions and some Elders in my District, filled one out and turned it in. I had a guess of what it would be, but didn't want it if all of my comps could do it to. We all got a letter yesterday that says we've been invited to participate in the General Conference Choir! I am so blessed and so excited.

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