Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BLOG for 15 February 2012

Wednesday was probably the longest day of my life. RM´s say it is Thursday that is the longest, but Wednesday was for me because at first, I was with my family, eating, then packing, writing notes then suddenly I had a name badge, with an orange sticker and everyone saying, ´´Welcome Sister´´ like I was a nun! That first day was the worst. Since then, all has been really great.
We are in class about 10 hours a day, or more! Just learning the gospel in ASL. The Teachers are incredible. We only use ASL in class, of the teachers is Deaf. We are learning about fundamentals of the Gospel and how they apply to our missionary purpose. The first day here, we were thrown into a situation to teach 3 different investigators in a group setting with a bunch of other missionaries. I felt prompted by the Spirit to speak up in each lesson. The people who were most humble were most easy to teach.
This place is amazing. I´ve heard people say, even people here, missionaries here, complain about the strict schedule, the food, the no rest, the language, the homesickness, but REALLY the MTC is very full of the Spirit of God. Taking the Sacrament here took on a whole new importance and meaning in the fact that we should, ´comfort those who stand in need´. Which is everyone. This dedicated building and residence house is dedicated to God, and he is a man of order in all things. Everthing is planned, every meal, class, gym time, my travel itinerary will be provided later. The MTC Presidency and staff work so hard to service 2000 missionaries with about 400 coming and going every week. I feel very blessed to be here, and very loved by the Lord.

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