Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BLOG for 17 May 2012

Oh and you wanted to know about General Authorities who come to Nauvoo. A couple weeks ago we had a member of the 70 come here. Brother Choi. He was great.
On Sat. we had Brother Lusvardi from the Church History Dpt come to observe Nauvoo. He gave a fantastic meeting and said something like: "I feel the power of your testimonies as a missionary force. The strongest I've felt here in Nauvoo and I've been here a lot."
That was comforting.
Then yesterday, we had Elder Nash from the 70. He talked about how he wants people to leave Nauvoo changed. We need to invite them to repent and CHANGE their lives to come closer to Christ; to heal. A bunch of people from the Church History Department were here and it was the responsibility of me and 4 other sisters to give them a mini tour. (So just one display.) I chose the Nauvoo Map. I had about 5 people in my group. I got to know them by name first then gave the info about the map in about 10 min. Elder Simmons, from the 70, was there and asked questions. It was a bit intimidating, but they were with their wives in casual clothes, not suits and dresses, so they just seemed like normal guests.
The YPM's are here: Young Performing Missionaries. They are GOOD! Wow. I thought they might be mediocre. But no, I've heard their practices in the the VC and they are powerful and have amazing broadway voices.

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