Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BLOG for 6 April 2012

 It was so fun to sing in the conference this time! It was really different to sing as a missionary than as a young single adult. I´m not sure why. My guess is because I feel like I had a purpose this time. To invite people to Christ through the music! All of my companions got to sing in the choir too. It was a great experience.
So me and 11 other sisters who are all going to Visitor Centers(VC), travelled up to SLC VC to be a ´´guest´´. We have been practicing ways to quickly, but effectively meet, get to know, find concerns, share a message, invite them to change and testify within 5 to 10 min. Because occasionally at VC, people can´t stay too long. We have to have the spirit to decipher needs fast and follow through with what to testify. It´s a bit tough.
We also as VC sisters, get to work in the Referral Center. WOW! I love it. We got to do a real online chat yesterday with someone in Kansas. (We HAVE to teach as a companionship.) He asked us what the requirements for baptism were. We asked him what he knew of our faith already and he said, ´´I´ve read the BoM, D&C, PofGP and part of JSH.´´ What!  He was so sincere in his questions. We did our best to answer quickly and correctly. It was really amazing. I finally felt like I was actually teaching someone! Everything I´ve learned in my life and in the MTC actually applied. I realized why people love missionary work so much. The one good thing really outweighs all the bad. There is nothing like bringing truth into someone´s life. Truth which they had once known and now need only remember.

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