Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BLOG for 22 Feb 2012

Our teachers here are incredible. One is Deaf and just an amazing and positive man. In order to listen to our teachers, you must watch them. You can hardly even take notes and if you do, writing a word down doesn't always mean you'll remember what the sign is for it. If I were to write the sign down, it'd take forever to draw. Our teacher Brother Peterson, taught us D&C 4 in ASL. SOO hard and so different. I have it memorized in English but the ASL version has the words in all sorts of different and switched around phrases. The signs go something like this at the beginning: "Hey, inform soon event, marvelous will." Anyway it is crazy and mind blowing. I thought I knew ASL, and I do, but not the REALLY Deaf way. They are very visual communicators. I asked the teacher how I would even begin to understand how the grammar works and he said, intuition and instinct. Pah! Yeah, that'll take me a while to get, but he told me to pray for it with a real desire and I have been asking Heavenly Father for it and I know He will grant it me.

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