Friday, September 14, 2012

BLOG for July 17, 2012

The first night of Pageant was FANTASTIC! All of the Sisters got to greet that first night it was on. That's what we do as missionaries with Pageant. We start by grabbing Pageant referral cards, then we go and pray in the groves to get the Spirit of the Saints with us and motivate us to invite people to Christ, and last follow the Spirit to find out who to talk to. Usually the people who stand out are the ones I talk with. The Spirit hasn't been like: TALK TO HER! Just little whispers. We commit them to different things as the Spirit directs so they can improve their lives. (With Pageant Referral cards we ask members if there is a non-member they know who would like a CD of the music of the pageant. If they are the non-member we ask them if they want a CD and missionaries in their area will drop that CD off.) Sisters also post-greet, so after Pageant. Which ends at like 10:15ish. We are allowed to be in bed by 11pm and sleep in till 7am if we want. You don't post-greet if you live in Carthage because the drive is 30min. Carthage only greets on their preparation day and on the weekends.
We got to see Pageant on the second night it showed. I LOVE Pageant! It's incredible. My favorite line is said by Parley P. Pratt: "Because when you're here, we're here." The show tells a couple of stories of the Nauvoo period going from like 1839-1846. Joseph Smith's amazing leadership as a Prophet of God and the many lives he blessed. It goes over Joseph's and Hyrum's death and the carry out westward by Brigham Young. Every restored truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is touched on, plus more fundamental principles are taught. It is like Preach My Gospel in play/pageant form.
It's genius.
Missionary work goes SO well here! Yesterday I went on a tour with Sister Dransfield, who is the most lovely sister you can imagine, everything she touches turns to gold. We normally take Carthage tours on our own, but there were three non-members and a very impatient member (who needed to take a conference call at a certain time), so she asked if I would go with her. It went very well. Every now and then, the Father of this family would raise his hand in the air and say, "hallelujah!". haha! I loved it.
Afterward, we talked to him, while his son listened (his sweet wife was on the phone) for like 2 hours. He did most of the talking, but it was exactly what he needed and we were able to teach him a LOT. Just by discussion, the Book of Mormon and the Spirit. He honestly believes that God is in the details of our lives, so I asked him: "You believe that? Well, why do you think you are here at Carthage today talking to us?" He sincerely responded, "I don't know." but he could feel it was for a big reason. He looked into my eyes and then into Sister Dransfield's eyes and said, "You know. You two know God loves you, and me. You're strong." We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon, committed him to read it and attend church this Sunday. It was an incredible, Spiritually-led experience, and most definitely set up by our Heavenly Father. We shall see what happens.
I love serving Carthage Jail. It is incredible. We had a district meeting with all the missionaries who serve there. We have transfers on Thursday and I am nervous. I want to stay here another transfer...but whatever President decides is inspired, and I've accepted that.
I've been working on being humble and courageous at the same time. "True to the Faith" says it's possible, so I am trying to do both.
I am well and happy!
-Sister Zibetti
P.S. Yes I got that wonderful package of letters from the Primary! I loved it! Please tell them: thank you so much!

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