Friday, September 14, 2012

BLOG for July 10, 2012

 We had a lovely 4th of July Mission Breakfast last Wednesday! President Gilliland adressed us, which he does often and I love it! He is so inspired. He said to the 300 or so missionaries there, "You missionaries are incredible. There is no place in the world I'd rather be. And I have 10 kids. But there is no place i'd rather be than here in Nauvoo with you all." It was really special. Then the sister missionaries got to go to his house that night for a BBQ. It felt like home. :) We all sat around after dinner and asked President and his regal wife questions and just listened as they imparted wisdom and strength through the Spirit. It was powerful.
Super embarrasing thing. I saw two women, one who looked a bit older, with a 19 or 20 year old girl. Stepping up to meet them I said, "You are grandma and you are granddaughter?!" The older looking woman said, "No this is my daughter". oh boy. that's a great start to a tour. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" They said it was no problem. I prayed to heavenly Father that they would forgive me and at the end of the tour they did. The mom and the daughter both gave me a hug in the martyrdom room. The mother had been waiting her whole life to come to Carthage. It was special. I have wonderful experiences similar to that everyday.
As much as I can, I try memorize everyone's name in my tour group; if it is a smaller group. It helps me get to know them a tiny bit more than I do, so I can apply the message of Carthage and the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother to their lives. It makes the spirit all the more powerful and the visitors open up more to me once I use their name. It feels more like we are all a family, as it very well should, because we are. They feel more comfortable, and I hope, loved. I am trying to grow and learn and become like the Savior. He knows everyone by name and as His representative, I strive to become like Him in all things.

I took a Sister who served here last year on a tour of Carthage. I was so nervous! Because she knows all about it and I was scared she'd critique. But she didn't. I felt every ounce of love from and for her throughout the tour. Along with a non-member who is a resident of Nauvoo and has become one of my good friends here. The people are REALLY what bring the Spirit or not. I can testify all day, but if people don't accept it, it feels like my words just bounce off of the 200year old walls of the jail, instead of being sunk deep into their hearts. I love when they accept it; when they accept the Savior's teachings.
The cast members for the Pageant have arrived! Today it premiers! Sister Brown and I get to greet for it tonight and see it tomorrow. I met a family who will be in the cast. They are all set apart as representatives for the show. Even infants are set apart. All as representatives of the Savior. I could see the light of Christ in their eyes. It was wonderful. I gave them a challenge to pray and find out the reason they are here because no one comes to Nauvoo by accident.
So it is getting busier, slowly. I am stoked!
I can't believe I have been out here for almost 6 months!! AHH! It goes by so fast and I'm a week behind in my journal! Wish me luck with catching up!
Sister Zibetti

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