Sunday, July 14, 2013

June 3, 2013

Things are going well!
We did our Sociable/Fireside last Sunday. It turned out really well and very spiritually powerful. Sister Streeter and Holt were the directors and they did such a great job!!! Seriously. All of the missionaries who came to watch loved it.
Wearing the vest!

Clearing the trees
Last weekend there were 3 tornado's that touched down in Hannibal, a small city about 2 hours from here. We were able to go down there on Wednesday to do some clean up with the Stakes down there. It was awesome! I've never worn a "Helping Hands" vest before and I got to!!!!!!!!!!!! It felt so good to serve! There is nothing quite like completely forgetting about yourself and helping someone else out. Someone who is in a more dire circumstance than your own. We cleared fallen trees. It was so fun!

Loading the truck
 Mom and family, I cannot wait for you to meet all of my sisters here!!!!!!!!!! Just know that you will be adopting them all into your heart through me because they have each changed me in wonderful, spiritual and eternal ways! And a little piece of you is in them because of your influence on me. They all can't wait to meet you as well. I feel the same way about their families. This is one way that we can all become ONE with God. We must love the family we have here on earth. Each person we pass on the street is a child of God.
Elder Packer, President Packer's son, said that "If you don't love someone, you don't know them enough". I love that. And I know it is true!

I have to tell you this funny thing that my best friend Sister Streeter said the other day. We were talking about how we don't want to go home, nor give up the opportunity to be a missionary for the Lord and she said, "I just want this forever. Why don't we have Mormon nuns?!" haha! It was so cute. I thought ya'll would laugh.

Last Tuesday I served in the Lyon Drug and Variety Store! Love it! A family came in that I gave a tour to in the Visitor's Center. They are so amazing! I love them. I love seeing people more than once in the same little city. Heavenly Father is in each detail of scheduling so that we can meet the right person at the right time in the right place. After giving them a tour in Lyon Drug, the youngest boy, gave me a hug. It was the sweetest thing ever. He reminded me of a mini version of Dallin. :) It made me so so happy!

Mom, you have got to see if you can find this song in youtube or google it somewhere. I think it is called: "She Put the Music in Me". The song relates a daughter who's mother taught her all about the primary songs and it has made a huge difference in her life. It is so cute. You should look it up. It reminded me of you.
Love you!

Sister Zibetti

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