Sunday, July 14, 2013

June 24, 2013

I am so excited for you to all come to Nauvoo! Nobody comes here by accident! There are many reasons why Heavenly Father wants you to come. I'll make sure you are a part of everything you possibly can be. There is SOOO much to do here, and you have a limited amount of time, but we are going to make the best of it.

Oh my goodness!!! That World Wide Missionary training was AWESOME!! It helped light the fire for missionary work around the world! Wow, you were there? That must've been so powerful! I didn't get to see dad sing in it, but I could feel him there!
While watching that, I realized even more that missionary work isn't something "extra" that we do, it is a part of who we are and who we are becoming. This is God's kingdom on the earth, and now is the time to act. We ought to be eager to find qualified and repentant people for the Lord, and bring them into the fold and care for them as our own family. Someone at the broadcast said, "Wishing will not make it so. Action is required". That is so true! Even as a missionary! Just because some wear the tag it doesn't force them to act, we all still must choose. Elder Nelson said, "Missionary work comes alive when we hear stories of personal conversion". I think we should all share our conversion story, or parts of our increasing conversion, with all those around us! Every testimony shared makes that place or that soul holy. Let us not postpone sharing our testimonies until a handbook is written. After watching that, what do you want to do differently in your life?

After that training, Vocal Point, who is here in Nauvoo, did a fireside. It was SOOOO powerful! Wow! The sung and spoken testimony really touched my heart. I feel re-energized to Represent Christ with everthing I have and to do my best to honor Him.

Vocal Point in Nauvoo (we borrowed this picture)

This week I was calling in the Call Center! Over the phone, and online missionary work has already happened in Visitors' Centers around the world. A couple of weeks ago my companion and I met a man named at Wal-Mart in Keokuk. We established a contact with him and I called him last week. We talked for about an hour about the church. He had a lot of deep questions of the soul like: Where did I come from? what is the purpose of life? Why did my mother die? I was able to talk about the plan of salvation and many other random things over the phone. It is going well and he has become a friend through the gospel.

This week on Thursday June 27, we have the Carthage commemoration. That was the day that Joseph and Hyrum were killed years ago. We will have a powerful meeting at the base of the building. Afterwards, the sisters and President will spend some special time in the Jail and in the Martyrdom room. That was one of my favorite experiences last year. I hope you take a minute and think of Joseph and Hyrum that day. I challenge you to ready D&C 135, which is the account of that day by John Taylor.

So! Last year we had 20 sisters, this year we received one more recently and have 21. We were supposed to be getting 3 more sisters in August when some of us are leaving, but the MTC switched their times, so they are arriving on July 17! Right in the middle of Pageant. Things are going to be crazy. We will have 16 sisters in the Hatch house and 8 in Carthage. Heavenly Father really is going to use me to my fullest ability here and I can feel Satan trying to stop it. I thank you for your prayers and constant support. I love you all!

-Sister Zibetti

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