Sunday, July 14, 2013

April 16, 2013

Yes that photo was at Mt. Vernon, near George Washington's home. haha! My new companion is Sister Richardson. She is soooooooo great. I love her so much. The only thing that worries me about her is that she thinks I am perfect, and I am far from perfection. As soon as she realizes that, things will be great. She keeps saying she wants to be like me when she grows up. I am thinking the same thing about her! She is so much braver than I ever was last year. She just wants to talk to people and help them out and give tours right now. I am so proud of her. She rocks at ASL. She dated a Deaf boy before her mission, so she is teaching me many things.

We are serving in the Brigham Young home for my first site tomorrow. I am so excited!!!!!!! I can't remember the rest of the week's sites. There are so many things to be done. I was blessed by President Riggs before I arrived here that'd I'd be able to remember the things of Nauvoo when I arrived, and I have. It is great. The Lord is truly blessing His servants.
President Gilliland just got back on Sunday and said that Elder Cook said there are basically 2 more things that need to happen to fulfill prophecies: 1. The Gathering of Israel, 2. The Savior to come. That is it and it is soon approaching. Soon in the Lord's time

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