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November 26, 2012

To Trevor: I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! That is where my MTC Companion Sister Tagge went. ASL speaking! (Anaheim CA mission)  AWWWWWWWWWWWWE T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you feel? This is going to be perfect for you. I was thinking about you the other day. People need humor in the world and you are the perfect one to give it. They need your humor with the Gospel incorporated. They need your happiness. Especially in Anaheim California! This is fantastic! Woah! We both will have been in the MTC in the same month when you go! Which Temple? Prepare for that too. It is God's House.  
There is an Elder here who's from that mission! He just told me that is his home ward mission. He is so excited for you! His words were: "That's a hard mission. Especially the Placentia Zone." "Why?" I asked. "Because there's not a lot of success. But it is the funnest mission." I asked if there are a lot of Polys in your mission and he said, "They are in Cypress and West Covina, so yeah".  But with faith in Jesus Christ, you can move mountains. It doesn't matter what he says. Another person could tell you it is the most successful mission on earth! It is all about how you view it. Your attitude will make all the difference. They seriously need an Elder Zibetti there! Being obedient to mission rules brings success. AND one of my favorite lines in Preach My Gospel is: "your success as a missionary is measured by your COMMITMENT to find, teach and baptize the elect." So truly, God will measure your success by YOUR commitment. Not your companions' and not your baptism rate. Plus who could have 100 baptisms! Who knows? It doesn't matter. I don't have any baptisms yet, I am still working hard, but the only number I am truly going to count is myself and how converted I am becoming to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
This week has been a tough one, but a good one. We found a lot of Potential investigators. One lady opened the door and a dog was barking so loud. She looked troubled. I said, "We are missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We know your neighbors." (who are members of our ward.) She said, "Now is not a really good time. I have to shower and go to work really fast." She was trying to calm the dog and talk at the same time. She let the dog go outside and it jumped licked us, and as soon as she let it go, the tears started to flow. She just cried. she said, "You can come back next week, just earlier." We said okay and as she was closing the door I said, "Just know that you are loved and thought of..." she nodded and the door went 'click'. It felt like the perfect thing to say and what she needed to hear. I love her. We will see if she lets us in next week. 

We had Sister Jeppsen with us today. SHE IS INCREDIBLE! She talked to everyone and was very sincere. I learned a lot from her.

Yesterday after church we planned to visit people who said we could come at a specific time and they weren't home. So we tried someone else; not there. Then I suggested a bunch of people and my companion didn't want to, but she went along with me. We decided to follow up with a man who we gave a BOM to a week or so ago who was very open, the ethiopian man. He called his wife over to the door and she explained that they are Orthodox Catholic and they are not looking to switch their religion. I couldn't take it anymore. My eyes started to well up with tears and my lip was shaking and trembling. I stared at her, determined not to look at the man because I knew he was staring at me, watching the emotion on my face. I said in a very controlled voice to the man, with the most sincere look I could muster, "Well, I hope that you read the book." I did the best I could to smile. The wife started talking again about something how added books are not good. I wasn't listening. We left their porch and got to the car. By this time, my tears were flowing. It took a while for my comp to notice. She felt bad and asked what was wrong, "I just want people to teach who are progressing" I said through my tears. She sang me an awesome song to help lift my spirits. I am not really a big cry-er. But this was the straw that broke the camels back. I know the Lord was very aware of me in my hour of need and I felt his love. 
I am better now and trying to work harder.
Mom, thank you so much for all of those quotes. They were perfect timing and of perfect relevance to everything I needed to read and hear and feel. And the one from Kylen as well. Thank you so much for searching for those and writing them and making copies for the other missionaries. I know they will love getting those quotes. 
Thanksgiving was awesome! We helped another church serve Thanksgiving meal. There were more volunteers than patrons. It was funny. But we created a good bond I think and left a good impression. Then we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Eagans. I love them. It was awkward at first. They have a son and his wife who are not members. It was good to talk with them. Then their daughter's boyfriend announced that he is going to be baptized in January! The daughter has 2 kids already and needs a father. It is so great! Broken families can be fixed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I am plugging along! I love it. Days are up and down but it is all worth every effort.
A recent convert shared his conversion story at a mission home fireside last night, at which I played the piano. The Lord really does know me and helps me conquer all.

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