Sunday, March 17, 2013

December 11, 2012

A young man from my ward here just got his mission call to Trevor's EXACT same mission! California Anaheim. Reports to MTC Feb. 27th. I gave him the home phone and asked him to call Trev to chat haha. So you might get a random phone call. I didn't know Trevor's cell #.
It sure sounds like you guys have been very busy lately. Trevor! Awesome job making beautiful frames. Ya know, Christ's earthly father was Joseph, a carpenter and Jesus probably learned much about how to make beautiful carvings and things from wood. You are just like him!
For Christmas, as of right now, if I stay in Gainesville, I will try to do as much service as possible. Then we are having Christmas dinner with a Recent Convert. I LOVE her! She is divorced and has twin boys. She just found out that the lawyer and her ex-husband did some tricky stuff with the holiday contract and he has the boys both Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day. She was expecting to have them at least on of the days. So it is really sad, but we will be there to celebrate with her! Her first Christmas as a member of the Church! She's amazing!
Yes on Preparation day we get to get together with other missionaries. It is wonderful. They are all going through the same things as I am, at different stages, so it is nice to be able to talk and gain instruction from one another.
Well, I have used all my time. I'm sorry I didn't share much from this week. Yesterday we had a half mission conference where Elder Packer of the 70, President Packers son, came to speak to us. It was AMAZING! So our Preparation day got changed to today.
 One of my favorite scriptures is from 2Ne. 31:12 "Follow me, and do the things which ye have seen me do". -Jesus Christ. So as you follow Christ, and others follows you, you lead her to Christ. Yeah, forcing someone to do something will never last. We were talking about Faith the size of a grain of a mustard seed can move mountains and Elder Packer said, "I don't know that a mountain has agency, but a person does!" So, even if our faith an intentions are strong, it can not impede on a person's agency. Agency is a higher law.
Well I best be off.
-Sister Zibetti

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