Sunday, March 17, 2013

December 31, 2012

It was so nice to talk with all of you last week! My companion and I talked about our experiences after. She asked if it distracts me to talk with my family and I said, "Suprisingly no. It actually motivates me to do better!" It's strange. It's like seeing you reminds me of part of the reason I came out here. To serve and teach others so they can have a loving family in the Gospel like I do. So thank you for your motivation!
We are teaching S. His wife was less active for 20 years and is recently starting to come back. They got married 2 years ago. They had both been divorced previously. S is coming to church and he has many questions. Some of the doctrines he doesn't yet agree with. It's a good thing that the Spirit is actually real, and that Moroni's challenge in the Book of Mormon actually works. There actually is a God and He truly is our loving Father in Heaven and wants us to find joy, and He has set up a way for us to find that joy and it is though His Son Jesus Christ.
We met with B again to do some service. She is great. She keeps hearing the "meat" of the gospel before the "milk". She thinks it is blasphemous that we believe that we can become like God one day. We need to teach her the basics before the deep doctrinal things. She is very open with her feelings so that is good. It helps when people are honest, then we can better help them. It might take some time with her. The truth is, we can become like God. That is why we left the pre-mortal existence in the first place! Because we weren't like him. We didn't have a body that was glorified, perfected and full of knowledge and we wanted one.
We met with a referral. Her dog is super creepy. Probably possessed by a bad spirit. But Barbara is very nice. She wants to stay Catholic, but sincerely asks us how to come closer to Christ. We tell her the ways and she doesn't agree. We told her to pray to know the truth. She also believes in the Eucherist-where they think it is literally the body and blood of Christ which they are partaking of. We will teach her the Restoration and she doesn't have to agree. But at least she has been taught and in the next life, she can accept it when her mind is not hindered otherwise. We will work on being her friend. She is lonely and innocent and needs the truth.
G dropped us. It never feels good when an Investigator says they don't want to meet anymore. It actually inflicts pain upon my heart. But I know that God is in the details of all of His Children's lives. He has a perfect view of the big picture and the timing of everything for each individual. I trust that his ways are not my ways and that I must rely upon His knowledge and not my own limited view. 
Well, I've discovered that if it is not one thing in missionary work that is going wrong, it is another. Satan has a way of weasling his way into everything. I pray for strength and guidance from the Spirit, then things go well. I think that is the same in life. Just don't allow Satan in. Tell him, "Get thee hence!"
I hope you have all set some new personal goals for 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is going to be a good year. Make goals in the eternal perspective, not in just a yearly perspective. Ask Heavenly Father to review your goals with you and revelation will not be hindered.
Choose the right when a choice is placed before you.
-Sister Zibetti
PS I got to see the D.C. VC! It felt good to be back in a Visitor Center for a bit. :)

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