Sunday, March 17, 2013

December 17, 2012

We had a great lesson with a fellow this week! His wife has been less active for 18 years, but read the BoM and came back to church. Now we are meeting with her husband. He is so great. He is a lawyer and travels a lot. We had a good lesson with him about God's love for us and the importance of Prophets. He said about prophets, "I don't buy it". yet... We are praying. We will take everything slow and sure. The spirit is there, and that's all that counts. His wife tries to explain a lot, and sometimes the conversation gets intense. We are doing out best to keep it all under control. I am relying fully on the spirit.
He invited us to dinner after a lesson. Ha! We went to this place called Volcano! It's soo cool! They have a lava stone that can stay very hot for a very long time. The waitress brings out your slab of meat on the heated up lava stone and you cook it yourself! I got steak and alligator! I'm not sure if I'm a bad cook, or if I'm allergic to alligator, but I got really sick afterwards. haha! Maybe I'm allergic to lava stone.
We met with a former investigator. He is so kind! He has COPD. He use to smoke. He attends a baptist church currently. We are trying to teach him about prophets. Joseph Smith was REALLY a Prophet! Why don't people believe in modern revelation? It makes so much sense. I need to be more patient.
We had a lesson with a lady. She said there is one more step that she needs to take before her baptism. She just doesn't know what yet. She knows she wants to get baptized, just not yet. She is becoming an "eternal investigator". She is great though! She comes to church, well sacrament meeting, a lot. We want to have a lesson with her with President Riggs!
The Lord is blessing us with lessons. I am praying that these lessons will result in a conversion! That is what the Lord wants and it is possible. We just need to do it!
I love Gainesville, I love my mission, I love the people I meet, I love my leaders, I love my companion, I love the Lord.
There are struggles, but Heavenly Father always helps me through them.
We have had 2 lovely Christmas Devotionals. One with the whole mission and one with our stake. Both good and powerful.

I love you! I am doing my best to stay patient. Thank you for your prayers.
-Your sister in the Gospel
Sister Zibetti

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