Monday, August 19, 2013

July 30, 2013

Mom!!! The sisters LOVED the socks and hi-chews! Thank you so much. They say they love you! It was SOOO good to have you here!
I'm soooooooo glad you got to come. Did you have a spiritual experience in Nauvoo? Do you mind sharing? Did you get to go to the Temple? Why did you like Trail of Hope? I love that trail. I think you are all so wonderful and I am excited to see you too. It is going to be hard to leave this place though.
The YPM's are great. At the beginning of last year I was a bit jealous that I wasn't doing what they were doing, but then I realized that my call was to preach the gospel to the people in Nauvoo and in the Call Center. The YPM's preach the gospel through performance, but I get to do it talking face to face with people with real problems, and I get to see them change and the light of Christ come into their lives.

Taking upon the name of Christ is our responsibility as baptized members of the His church. Perhaps read Mosiah 18:10-15 or so. That discusses the baptismal covenant, which we renew every week. You can read in Preach My Gospel from the Christ-like attribute section! It is amazing. There is a quiz you can take that is absolutely perfect for self-evaluation. I have taken it a couple times throughout my mission and it is amazing what I learn about myself.
Personally, taking upon the name of Christ is a way of life. Our actions and behaviors change and become more God-like because that is what Christ emulated. For me, it has been hard to find the balance between taking upon Christ's name and answering the call to "be ye therefore perfect even as your Father who is in Heaven is perfect". When we try to become like Christ, our weaknesses are made more visible, as Ether 12:27 so clearly states. When we come unto Christ, He shows us our weaknesses, but we are given those to become humble and teachable. Then Christ can make those weaknesses strengths. Only He can. That is the enabling power of the Atonement. I know that when I strive in the smallest way to be Christ-like, I am given divine assistance.
That might help some.
I have a question for you: What do you think classifies as a "miracle" that a missionary can experience?
I've got 16 days left. I'm not "trunky", but reality is hitting my heart and it hurts. Pray for me to have a miracle please. I love you all!
-Sister Zibetti

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