Monday, August 19, 2013

August 12, 2013

I am very busy with the Lord's work. So much going on. We went tracting on Friday and Saturday so we could teach the new sisters how to do it before they have their outbound winter assignment in a new mission. I had a miracle. A while ago I met a man in the Walmart at Keokuk (a small city near Nauvoo). I got his contact information and have been teaching him over the phone in the Visitor's Center. (Teaching over the phone is a whole 'nother ball game.) Then GUESS where I was assigned to tract?! Keokuk! I was able to find his address and we happened to be tracting in that very area! SOOO amazing! My temporary companion (Sister Searle) and I were able to find his home and teach him a little lesson. We were trying to talk about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and he just wasn't getting it. My companion asked him a simple question: "Do you believe that God exists?" He said "so-so". YIKES! I said, "Well, we need to go back to the basics." Sometimes people are not ready for the bigger doctrines, but just simply need to know that they have a loving Heavenly Father who wants them to know He is there for them, and has a plan for them.

I know that God is in the details of my life. In all honesty, I am terrified to come home. I'll be in the same place I was before my mission with the same people, and I DON'T want to go back to who I was. I have become a servant of the Lord and I want to keep becoming that for eternity and I trust that God will help me with that, but I am just a little nervous. I am SO excited to see everyone and get to know them and how they have changed.
Thank you for being my support. See you soon.
Your sister in the Gospel,

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