Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"It is Done." "It is Well."

Hello Everyone! This is Sister Amber Zibetti! I am home now. I arrived on Wednesday Aug. 14th and got released that night.
My advice? Don't come home from a mission. Ever. It's the worst thing ever invented. :(
Okay, maybe I'm being dramatic, but it was really bad and it is still hard. I've never been this emotional in my life! I miss being a missionary so much. It hurts. Sometimes I just cry for no reason. Silly self.
I trust that God has a new plan for me! That is something I learned as a missionary, to more fully put my trust in God and not in the "arm of flesh". I know my Father in Heaven has a plan. And I know it is a better plan than my own. He actually knows and sees the eternal picture, whereas I am still learning to see. There is no need to worry when the future is in God's hands. Don't ya think?

For your information, if you'd like to come to my "homecoming" slash "non-homecoming" talk, I have been randomly selected to speak in church this Sunday, August 25 @11am. Your ticket to get in is a non-member or less active friend. :) you think I'm kidding....I am. But seriously, try.
 The address is: 2876 West 1390 North Provo, UT 84601. Hope to see you there!
Church is then 2 more hours (if you were not aware :) ), but if you'd like to and can stop by at my house after Sacrament meeting ends I will be there. My mom strongly suggested that I be there. :) my address is 1388 North Geneva Rd. Provo. Much love sent your way! I am excited to see you!
-Sister Amber Zibetti

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