Friday, November 9, 2012

October 31, 2012

I survived the storm! We had to be inside at 2pm on Monday. We stayed the night on Sunday night and on Monday night at a members house. They are amazing! The dad is a convert to the church and in the Bishopric and the mom served her mission here in Washington DC Vietnamese speaking. They have one little daughter. She loved having sisters for 2 days. We even got to watch "The Other Side of Heaven". Approved by the mission president. So this week has been slow for work. We've been able to offer service to many people though which is good. 

We are meeting with a woman who said she let us in because she "felt bad for us and our salvation". She thinks God and Jesus Christ are the same person. We gave her the first lesson and she believes that it is possible for that to happen to Joseph Smith. We gave her a Book of Mormon to read and pray about. She thought I looked familiar. We came back again and she said she prayed about the BoM and God told her, "No. It's evil. It's blasphemous". Well....not exactly what we wanted to hear. She has a lot of Biblical arguments. She use to be a Catholic teacher or something special. It is hard for me to find the line between proving a true point of doctrine without bible bashing or contention. She gets defensive easily. We testified of the BOM. We also talked briefly about where our authority came from and she believes it is also blasphemous. This whole second meeting things were quite chaotic: she was cooking food for the week (since she works during the week she can't cook).
We were just sitting at her kitchen table as she hammered us and asked questions. Her son came in and said, "Are you girls hungry? Did she feed you?" It became obvious that she didn't offer. Barbara said, "Oh I'm sorry. Are you hungry, would you like to eat? I have lasagna with buffalo meat." "Don't let her fool you. She's a really good cook. Mom I can't believe they sat here and watched as you made food. haha". It was funny. Things like that helped break the ice. She really is a nice woman, just concerned for two young girls in the world. She is a tall, skinny white woman with  short greying hair. Her husband became hungry also and joined us. He is a short, and a bit round. Super hilarious. He was cracking jokes and dancing the whole time. We stayed there for about an hour and a half! We became more of their friends. I asked em, "Well, what can we bring next week?" They all laughed but she said that we could come back and that we definitley had to see her before we left the area. It'll take some time with her. But I know I look familiar, and she let us in for a bigger reason than for feeding us buffalo lasagna. :) which was good.

We are also meeting with an investigator who is 25 and use to be Baptist..ish. When he was young, something must've happened because he said he threw away God for 13 years. Then he met the missionaries in March and started learning. He hasn't ever been able to go to church because he works on the weekends only....until THIS WEEKEND! I'm so excited he can come! He struggles with prayer. When he was younger, his aunt forced him to pray. I like him a lot, he is a good guy. Very humble. He doesn't know if the whole "Joseph Smith thing" is true. So i asked him if he wanted to know, and he said he'd heard that question before and he still doesn't know if he wants to know. 
Well, he's heard that question before because he hasn't really progressed since July! But we'll see what happens this weekend! 

We did service for an investigator, we pulled weeds and talked with her gorgeous daughters. We got to do some street contacting while pulling weeds in the front yard. Many people came by that I was able to jump up and talk with. My comp didn't really say a word, but she was inspired to serve that day. It is hard to always, well more often than not, be the one who starts up the conversation with some random stranger on the road. BUT! These are God's precious children, for whom He gave a Savior. So, I need to put away pride and fear and just talk to em.

Today we get to watch a movie for Halloween. We can't proselyte today because the leadership doesn't want it to look like we are dressing up as missionaries. Plus things could get dangerous. So we'll be with the zone. 

I am trying my best. It is hard sometimes but I am pressing onward ever onward to glory in His name.

-Sister Zibetti

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